Bielenda Only For Men Intensive Moisturising Cream 50ml

Bielenda Only For Men Intensive Moisturising Cream 50ml

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Bielenda Only For Men Intensive Moisturising Cream

Effective Formula designed for dry skin, tense , with small wrinkles, needling refreshing.

Ideal for use after washing or shaving, to maintain an adequate level of skin hydration and its proper functioning.

Accelerates the regeneration of micro damages created during shaving. Protects against roughness, soothes irritations.


The cream effectively moisturises, refreshes and restores the skin's vitality.

It eliminates the feeling of unpleasant tension and dryness of the epidermis, has anti-wrinkle properties.

Effectively copes with reduced skin firmness and visible symptoms of fatigue and tension.

The light formula of the cream is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily layer on the skin.

The recipe has been enriched with effective active ingredients:

Cannabidol - an organic compound naturally found in cannabis. Has strong moisturising and rebuilding properties. Strengthens the lipid layer of the skin, regulates sebum production.

Coffeine- fights skin imperfections, has a strong smoothing effect. It is an effective antioxidant, supports skin nourishment and improves its tone.


The skin is effectively moisturised, smooth and refreshed, the natural balance of the epidermis restored. Use: Spread the cream on cleansed face every morning and evening.